Thursday, October 20, 2011

Too much of the #BrewDiet?

Thursday should be an awesome day of productivity for me after work. My lovely wife, Sheila Dee, teaches classes all day and night at a University, and doesn't return until around 9:00. So you'd think that a 9-to-5 wonk like me would get a lot of stuff done.

Except when you factor in Thursday. That's O'Beer:30 at my office. My whole team takes an hour-ish and heads down to the Mellow Mushroom below us to have a couple of pints. Well... that's not true.  The Mushroom does 1/2 off drinks on Thursdays from 3-6p, so we all splurge and have 20 oz. pours. A couple of times.

And I just discovered that ASH -- the Arizona Society of Homebrewers -- hits Taste of Tops just a block away from me for happy hour. So, being neighborly, I had to stop in. Had to, mind you.

Yeah... I'm kinda done for tonight. With luck, the typos are minimal in this post. Here's why:

So I'm kinda done. Here's to a good night's sleep and a fab day tomorrow!


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