Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Five Twitter Twooisms for Social Media 101

2008-09-11 Social Media Club Phoenix edition
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I like Social Media Club Phoenix for a lot of reasons. Right now, I like it because it gives me a reason to make a blog post. Those have been light as of late. Sorry about that.

This Thursday, I've once again been asked to put on Social Media 101. Just like all the other times, this is the perfect chance to get some real-world, hands-on experience on topics that seem obvious to everyone but you. Asking questions of "social media experts" is sometimes daunting, especially when they are talking way over your head. We don't do that during the SM 101 portion of Social Media Club Phoenix. It's a safe place to get up to speed before the full meeting starts.

This week, I'm taking on Twitter. As if you couldn't tell by the topic. I'll cover these five things:
  • Why it’s OK to Follow people you aren’t friends with
  • Why yes, all those fields in your profile are important
  • A picture is worth a thousand characters
  • The evils of auto-DMs
  • Desktop & mobile apps to keep you sane

Social Media 101 kicks off promptly at 5:30. We only have :45 minutes to roll through this stuff, as the full meeting starts at 6:30. So get there a bit early and be ready to go. I figure it'll take me half an hour to cover my stuff, leaving you 15 minutes to ask questions.

After we're done, Social Media Club Phoenix will be hosting a panel discussion called "Your Novice Is Showing". Sounds perfect. And those who attend SM101 will be less-novice than they were just an hour earlier.

See you at Jobing.com HQ!

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