Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How NOT to get a free smartphone from Sprint

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I'm having a blast in San Francisco. Sheila spent a long weekend with me, and now I'm attending ad:tech. Guess which part I like more?

And while I'm here, I've been continuing my "Give Evo an EVO" movement. Thus far, I've posted 27 videos of me pining for the new HTC EVO from Sprint. Hey, if you name a phone after me you should expect me to ask to be one of the people who get the sneak preview.

Here's the one from last night:

If this is the first time you're hearing about this, don't be surprised. I haven't pushed it very hard, outside of linking my YouTube account to Twitter. That's partly because I'm curious what YouTube can do on it's own. My answer: not much. Surprise! It needs pushing. I get 10s of views on videos that I don't push, with a mix of visits from Twitter and some searching on the keywords. And as you'll tell from the comments on the videos, the searchers aren't too happy with my daily habit. :)

But some of you have noticed. There's a Facebook Page for the Give Evo an EVO movement, and it wasn't set up by me. Promise. Nor did I request it be set up for me. Yes, I obviously know the person who did set it up. Thanks, Corey! So if you'd like to become a fan of like become a fan of the page, that'll help.

Some notable episodes if you don't want to wade through all 27 (and future) episodes:

So... time to push. Hey, I'm no David Lynch. And I know that some videos are more creative than others. The later in the day, the lower the creativity. Maybe I should do this in the morning? Sorry. Sidetracked.

Go watch some videos. Share and like some videos. And let's see if we can get Evo to give me, Evo, an EVO.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I get a cup of coffee?

Clearly, I am an enigma. Offer me a quality craftbrew beer and I can wax poetically about a host of subtle nuances that are completely undetectable -- or unpalatable -- to most consumers of beer. I can do the same (to lesser degrees) with scotch, sushi, tequila and chili rellenos.

But I have to scratch my head at boutique coffee shops. I really, really do.

Now don't get me wrong. The swill served out of my office's coffee machine is just that. And while I love me some donuts, the coffee they make for dunkin' isn't made for drinkin', IMHO.

I've never been a big coffee drinker. Mom wasn't. So I'm not. Hell, I drink Yerba maté most days, which puzzles the hell out of my co-workers. But from time to time I do enjoy a cup of coffee. And I've had some excellent coffee in a variety of flavors and permutations. Thanks to everyone who has helped me experience something new with the bean.

Now allow me to throw that all aside and tell you my dirty little secret: I like Circle K coffee.

[pause to let the retching sounds cease]

Circle K logoNo. Seriously. Circle K dark roast is damned tasty. For one thing, it tastes like coffee. I get 20 ounces for just over a buck and can add just a splash of half and half. Hard to find cream these days, I guess. And yes, I think it tastes great!

Even more important: I can always get a cup of coffee at Circle K. Yes, there are times when a nice mocha is what I need. I've been known to get an iced toddy when the weather is warm. Which it often is in Phoenix. But at that same place that makes a great mocha and a refreshing toddy, it's nigh impossible to get a cup coffee when I want a cup of coffee. You know, with coffee in it. Just coffee.

Go ahead and throw things virtually in the comments below. I'll manage.

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