Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Missing moobs on a #BrewDiet


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Not me... or my missing moobs."][/caption]

As it turns out, I've lost my moobs. Well... maybe not all of them. But they are significantly reduced in size. Wore a t-shirt today that hasn't been flattering in at least a year. Hey, it may still not be all that flattering, but at least there isn't an awning-like overhang between it and my belt.

And speaking of my belt, I moved it up a notch today. That's up, as in tighter. I've got fairly bony hips and no ass to speak of, but something changed, as I was hiking up my drawers all day long. Up one notch tighter on the belt and problems solved. I may go shopping this weekend for 32s!

My son turned 20 today. Happy birthday, NJ. I hope you and your mother enjoyed the sushi I couldn't eat. Not very nice of you. But I love you and expect you to wipe my ass when I'm 90.

Here's what I consumed today:

Tomorrow is O'beer:30 at the office. Who knows what it will bring? All hail the #BrewDiet!

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