Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mixed bag Saturday on the #BrewDiet

Image from NewsOK. They didn't give me permission to use it, but it's damn good! Here's to hoping they don't sue me.Saturday on the #BrewDiet was marked by two disappointing beers, a heart-burn inducing performance by my college football team, and one of the most challenging movies ever.

The bad beers: Shock Top and Oktoberfestier. Read about them below. They have a huge following. I'm in the minority because I do not like them. But I do not like them. Not even a little. But a friend of mine does, so he got a five-pack of the Shock Tops. And the other wasn't even mine to begin with.

The lackluster performance was made by The University of Oklahoma Sooners. It's a good thing I had a birthday party and a movie to go to so I couldn't see the debacle of our terribly-inconsistent-on-the-road team. We pulled it out in the end, but the spread should have been much greater. Gods, I love/hate college football.

And the movie: The Human Centipede 2. Hey, don't judge. I really enjoyed the first movie. And yes, it holds up under multiple viewings. But this? No. Once was enough. Vile isn't strong enough of a word. I'm not upset that I went, as I'm a complete-ist. People were wondering how the director would top the first one. This is how. But it was more of a "bottoming" than a topping. Wow. You probably don't want to see it.

Here is my beer/food rundown for the day:

Wow. Well... it was Saturday, so I'm not all that surprised. And in hindsight (I'm posting this on Sunday), I feel great!

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  1. Yes, the Shock Top Belgian White by Anheuser-Busch, is merely Beer Flavoured Water. Oskar Blues Brewery is just a bit north of us in Longmont, CO. They do good beers in Cans.

  2. They certainly do, Paul. Dale's Pale Ale is my favorite all-time, any-time beer. :)

  3. What'd you think of the Session Black?

  4. I'm a big fan of Session, Scott. The Black is a staple in my fridge during the winter months!

  5. Brace yourself Mr. Competist:


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