Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angry #BrewDiet Day 6

To say my system is fucked up is among the greatest understatements in history. This is significantly harder than I ever thought it would be. Holy shit. I manage to keep it together fairly well during the day,  but my evenings are devolving. Big time.

But I'm continuing. Why? Well for starters, I'm a stubborn bastard. Ask around. And I also know that this is the proverbial "wall". If I can get past it, things will get better. It's no different than what happens to anyone saddling up to challenge. Changing from one routine to another is hard. I  get that. It just sucks hard how much I'm experiencing that now.

But I shall carry on. I can quit whenever I want, but right now, I really don't want to quit. Even though this sucks. Hard.

Here's what I did today on the #BrewDiet:

Now I'm home, outwardly exhibiting much less vitriol than I'm feeling in this post. I hope. You readers, you are my rage release. Enjoy.

Let's try this shit again tomorrow.


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  1. It sounds like the fun is just over the next hill.

  2. How is it f'ed up? Digestive issues?

  3. Gut is doing OK, Chris. I'm just... off. Which is to be expected. And I've not been sleeping well. Which I did not anticipate. Changing things up a tad. Learn more in the next post!

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