Sunday, October 9, 2011

Return of the #BrewDieter

Where was I? Oh yes, hitting the wall. Hard. Who would have thought there would be difficulty in a nothing-but-beer-and-sausage diet?

Oh, right... You people.

But that's OK. My diet. My rules. I am by no means a masochist (sadism is another thing entirely), so a minor tweak to the diet has me back in the game with a vengeance!

Remember that we're doing this for science (and my love of beer and sausage), and that my observations along the way will help in the hypothesis Terry and I put forward. With that...

Observation number 1

All calories are not the same. Not to my body, or at least not to my brain that is telling me how my body feels. Months ago, I restricted my diet to around 1500 calories a day, simply by eating much smaller portions. Last week, I had more calories than that every day, sometimes over 500 more. Back then, I only noticed a slight nagging hunger. The hunger I felt last week was by no means slight, and nagging turned into hard-core bitching. That, and I felt like shit. Very much not right. Even with more calories.

So it's not the calories. It could be the increased caffeine. It could the increased beer consumption. But I can feel the effects of those when they hit. They tend to be short lived. I don't think that's it. Here's why:

Thursday night, I gave into my cravings and ate more than 1/2 of a sausage. I ate two sausages. And I ate the accompanying sourkraut. I skipped the potatoes offered, feeling that as more a side-dish that didn't quite fit.

I slept like a baby that night. And I didn't wake up ravenous. First time in a week.

Not to let a good lead die, I grabbed on to the idea and ran with it. The next day for lunch, I ate my normal 1/2 sausage. But rather than scarfing it down in 5 minutes and returning to work. I sat there, chatted with some folks, and took another half hour to slowly eat the second half. That's new for me. I'm a speed-eater, as anyone can tell you.

At around 5:00 that night, I consumed another half a sausage. That filled me up nicely. And then around 7:30 that night, I ate the rest of that 2nd sausage. And as you'll notice below, the beer-intake Friday was relatively low, considering it was #evfn.

And again, I slept like a baby. No waking up in the middle of the night with food cravings. Victory!

Tour de #BrewDiet

On Saturday, I fried up some maple breakfast sausage and settled into an early-AM session of drinking. The University of Oklahoma Sooners were in the Red River Shootout game against the University of Texas Long Horns. This is one of THE classic rivalries in college football. I'm heavily vested in one side winning. Because #texassucks. I had one beer per quarter and (eventually) four sausage patties. And OU kicked the snot out of Texas. Why? Because #texassucks.

Glowing in the post-game (and 4 beer) buzz, I crawled on the Strida and headed over to fellow #BrewDieter Charlie's house. He then saddled up on his Strida, and we hauled our two over-the-hill bodies the 4.6 miles to The Watering Hole at Whole Foods. Every Saturday, every pour of beer is $4, which is a smoking deal. We both notched up a couple of uniques, started to talk about food options, and biked another 3.3 miles to Flanny's. Both of the Johns were happy to see us and fully aware of #BrewDiet. So much, in fact, that Big John went completely off-menu, preparing for us a sausage appetizer and main course that we thoroughly enjoyed. LJ played "stump the beer drinkers", choosing one of his tap selections for us before we saw the menu. We recorded it on my iPhone and, if the quality is acceptable, we'll release it. Who knows? It may be the kick-start of a new beer podcast featuring Charlie and me.

Biking, beating Texas, great beers and a reinforcement of how fun the #BrewDiet can be. That's what I call a good weekend.

#Brew Diet Stats for the last few days:



And then I went to sleep at 8:00p, crashing out for 12 glorious hours. Looking at the list above, I see why!

#BrewDiet continues. I'll write another post tonight to get today's stats in the system. Tomorrow I check back in with the doc. I'll report on my stats as well as a rundown on my bloodwork. Here's to doctor-supervised craziness!


Thanks to those of you who've offered to send me sausage and beer. I'm having an ongoing fight with the shitty business that houses my mail box. If you are sending me something, get a tracking number and send it to me. I have very little confidence in their ability to get anything right. I eventually get my things, but I'd hate for something to spoil while I wait on them.

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