Friday, October 28, 2011

Igniting zombified Zeppelins on the #BrewDiet

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Fridays are always fun days on the #BrewDiet. Typically that's because of #evfn, where more than the normal amount of drinking ensues. This day was fun for a few different reasons.

First, it was our company Halloween party. Half a day at work -- in costume -- then a beer and bratwurst party! Was that a special concession for me? Probably. Very much so. The

Second, it was Ignite Phoenix #11. And yes, I'm an unabashed fan of Ignite. Since I wasn't presenting, I could have a beer. And enjoy some sort of sausage feast from Short Leash. No idea what I had. I told the guy to pick for me. It was damned tasty!

Then after Ignite, we were off to take in a zombified Zeppelin cover band. No, not kidding. Hey it's Halloween weekend! Beer at places like this suck by and large, so the pickings are slim. But I made due and we had a good time with more of our friends.

The break down of my intake:

Saturday night is our own Halloween party. I shall do my level best to track the fun!

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