Saturday, October 22, 2011

ASH event on the #BrewDiet

Today was the Arizona Society of Homebrewers Oktoberfest event. Holy. Cattle.

I finally signed up for ASH, though I'm not a home brewer and have no intentions of becoming one. But ASH is a an organization worth supporting. And as a member, I get to go to their events and drink their beer. SCORE!

Here's how today went:

  • Show up
  • Start drinking
  • Keep drinking
  • Eat a sausage
  • Get the wife to pick you up.

Awesome. Dozens of home brews that you just saddle up to, pour, and enjoy. Some were fantastic, and all were very drinkable. Such is the kind of club ASH is: these guys are about as pro-sumer as you get.

I fielded lots of "hey didn't I see you last night on TV?" questions, or affirmed the "Oh, you're the guy drinking beer and eating sausage this month" comments. I was by no means a celebrity at this even that drew in hundreds, but it was nice to be recognized.

I didn't even bother trying to keep up on Untapped. I tried no less than 20 beers, meads and various items tonight. Quantities ranged from sips to pints. 2 sausages for the day, and that was it. You'll forgive this post, as I'm a little toasted and need to watch some college football to let it mellow out.

And I've got the sausage from last night's TV spot cooking. Going to be a great week!

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