Friday, June 29, 2007

Who knows Vancouver, British Columbia?

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I'm headed to Vancover the from July 9th - July 13th. This will be our third summer in this fair city, as my son plays hockey and takes a week-long intensive goalie clinic each year. So while he's busting his hump on the ice from 8 - 5 every day, my Lovely Wife and I have our days free to explore the city.

Here's where you can help.

I'm looking for suggestions of places to go and things to do while we are in town. We usually just traipse around Chinatown, drive up to the mountains and generally prowl. While that's fun and all, I'd like this year to be a bit more planned.

I've created a new Google Calendar just for the trip. If you know the area and have a suggestion of where we go, please send me an email (my first name at the domain) and I'll make you an editor of the calendar. I'd allow just anyone to add stuff, but it doesn't look like Google Calendar will let me do that.

I'm looking for a full agenda here, people. Tell me where the cool place to have lunch is, and book it on a day. Is there a cool festival we need to attend? Let's get it on the calendar. We're pretty adventurous people, so let's see what you crazy Canadians can come up with.


  1. Jake (from the Just Not Right podcast) recently did a series of podcast episodes FROM Vancouver.

    It's like the #56 - 60. If you get a chance you should check out Christa Giles' hooping class:

    It's a this really cool (from the podcast with Jake) center where a lot of different people take classes on juggling, unicycling, etc.

    Also, there's Paul Crick from the My World podcast - who might be able to offer some suggestions.

  2. Hi Evo, a few event suggestions and some philosophizing:

  3. You should check out Richmond Night Market happening every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 7pm to Midnight (11pm Sunday). It's a free, multicultural outdoor fair for the family so bring comfy shoes, empty stomachs and lots of cash! The variety and quality of food is mind-blowing but eating it ain't fancy -- you'll probably have to eat standing and with your hands =0)

  4. Not all that sure about the Vancouver area. There is the science center, which was at one time, the centerpiece of Expo 86.

    Now, if you were in Calgary again, I'd have a bunch of interesting day trips. Vulcan for the Star Trek experience. Drumheller for the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology Banff, and many other things to do...

  5. Pownce invite? Thanks in advance -- cuberds at gmail dot com

  6. hi evo - found your invite on jan karlsbjerg's blog. i think, of course, that you should join us for the vancouver bloggers meetup on july 11 at 7 pm - here:

    if the weather's good, we can go outside and you can teach us how to play soccer, and we'll turn into a bunch of bloccers!

  7. hey evo - looking forward to seeing you at the bloggers meetup!

    btw, why i thought that you were a soccer player is beyond me. hockey - goalie - soccer - something like that? what can i say, i had a real rough day yesterday.

    but "bloccer" is still a good word, isn't it? :)

    for ice cream, btw (your wife seems to like it), i would suggest belaggio on main, around 14th or 15th. close to the JEM gallery, where we'll have the meetup.

  8. Not sure what you've already done in Vancouver, but here are a few things you should try:

    1. Stanley Park. You can never get enough of this park. Lots to see including a good aquarium

    2. Capilano suspension bridge.

    3. Take a ferry out to Vancouver island. At the very least, tour Victoria. Lots of great nature sites on the island.


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