Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lazy Sunday afternoon -- but still planning

Five O'Clock Shadow 48

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Happy Canada Day! In celebration, I played a round a disc golf and didn't hurt myself. Hooray!

Additionally, I added some events to my upcoming Seattle - Vancouver trip starting July 5th. Thanks to those of you who offered up suggestions on venues and happenings -- keep 'em coming! And remember, I'm looking for places to go and experience the city. These things need not be the "touristy" things or even big events. Where -- and when -- should we go see something. Size isn't an option, so get creative.

The Lovely Wife says it's time for ice cream. And with us topping out a 103 F / 39 C today, I'd have to agree.

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  1. You could always take in a football game. CFL is better, and we have bigger balls up here!


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