Monday, June 11, 2007

My last podcast appearance might not be where you thought it was

When we were out at Balticon, we stayed with the incredibly generous and cool Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway. They let us crash at their place and explore the D.C. area, saving me tons of cash in hotel charges. To top it off, they were awesome hosts!

While we were there, I recorded an ADD Cast with them along with My Lovely Wife. So if you're looking for the last podcast I did, this one is it. However, I've been contacted by a couple of folks who are interested in doing some recording this week, so there will likely be more.


  1. Wow that was good stuff. This is definitely the new WI. It's a shame you guys have to split ways. Anywho a new chapter is here. Maybe you can hook up with Adam Curry and the guys from the podshow network. I'm sure they have place for you there :)

  2. Glad you liked the show, Julio. Paul and Martha are good people, and I hope you decide to subscribe.

    As to me, I'm pretty happy going the solo route and have no plans to join any network anytime soon.



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