Thursday, June 21, 2007

Escaped from New York

Five O'Clock Shadow 42

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This is me pissed off on the plane. Not the best return flight, let me tell you. You can read about it on my Twitter feed if you car for the details.

The NYC trip was great. Got to hang out with David Moldawer over breakfast. That's becoming a regular thing when I go. Smarter than me and a hell of a lot funnier. I'm keeping him close.

Also had dinner with John Federico. We probably should have talked business the whole time but instead talked "around" business instead. Great insights into the future of digital media.

Sean Reiser and I had breakfast in Tribeca and discussed many things, like why breakfast places in NYC don't open until 8:00 AM. Odd, very odd.

The rest of the trip was "business" and good business was had. Looks like I may take a few more trips out that direction soon. Traveling sucks, but it's great to have good company.

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  1. Evo,
    Remind me never to take the same flight as you! You have the worst luck traveling!


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