Sunday, June 17, 2007

Promotional help needed

It is with hat in hand I come to you tonight. Not to beg for money, subscribers or your undying love -- but for ideas. A well known podcast novelist who's name rhymes with Spot Stigler has recently completed releasing another podiobook on his main site and is ready to have us continue the distribution on And we'd like to make a splash with it.

This particular book deals with football (albeit a far-future football tale with aliens) and the pre-season for NFL football is about to get underway here in the states. Seems like there's an excellent opportunity of timing to be had, if only we can tap it.

Thoughts? Ideas? How can we build a promotional strategy around the re-launch of this book on May thousands of folks already enjoyed the book, but there are thousands more that just discovered podcast novels today, and probably many thousands who hit the book in mid-stream who would love a chance to listen from the beginning.

The call is open. Let the outpouring of ideas begin!


  1. How about some sort of fantasy football league, using Spot's league and teams? I know about football what you know about me, but it makes sense to Sam.

  2. Online, Magic:The Gathering-esque collectible trading cards with characters from his story on em. That's a pretty large endeavour though (you'd need a couple of good artists, and an effective distribution method).

    Just a thought.

  3. Similar to Sam's idea how about having devoted listeners and/or Scott himself join and post messages in some of the big fantasy football forums. Those fantasy leagues are really growing in size and I suspect many forum visitors would be a good target audience and willing to "pass along" their enjoyment of the book in other forums if you can get them hooked.

    Good luck!


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