Saturday, June 16, 2007

A freak disc golf accident

Five O'Clock Shadow 40

Ouch. I hurt. And I have to put on a happy face and get through the party my wife decided to have. Today I popped my left arm completely out of its socket on the 17th hole today. Yes, my left arm. Yes, I'm right handed. Allow me to explain.

I haven't played golf in about five or six months. I play in Flagstaff and it gets a little chilly in the winter time. Last year, some of you who have been following or a while may remember I injured myself when I was working on a new drive. That took a little bit of therapy and a shift in how I throw. All better.

But today somewhere around the 9th hole, I noticed the twinge in the right shoulder coming back. So I scaled back my power and continued on. The pain continued and on the 11th hole, I decided to start shooting left. I was a good 5 - 6 strokes ahead of NJ and my buddy Marshal, and it's not like we're uber competitive anyhow. Plus, I didn't want to hurt myself. So even though I'm not ambidextrous in the least, I started shooting with my left.

An interesting thing about "handedness" -- not only do you have more power and control with your dominant hand, but your weaker side doesn't really understand the mechanics of things like throwing frisbees. So when you coil your body up, whipping everything out and through the snapping of the arm, wrist and fingers of your left hand, the other muscles in your body that keep things like your shoulder together don't know that they need to be in on the action.

So... ouch. Luckily it popped right back in place. And needless to say, I didn't finish the round. And I had NJ drive home. To fully round out the experience, I get to go to NYC for three days lugging around a laptop bag -- with two lame arms. Joy.

Stay healthy. I may update from NYC if I can find connection.


  1. Evo, you are now officially middle aged - welcome to the group!
    Don't worry, you still get to eat good food, drink good beer/wine/mixed drinks - just takes a tad longer to recover.
    You aren't old aged - where you are required to limit your drink intake to minimize bathroom trips in the middle of the night, must avoid spicy foods, and leave all you can eat buffets after only 2 trips to the food bar...

    You'll live - just a tad slower =-)

  2. Disk golf?
    people actually do that?
    How do you play disk golf?
    and reset the shoulder and get better.

  3. A colleague with a sore back recently complained to a masseur friend that her back never used to hurt, it always just worked. With a straight, professional face the masseur asked her: "You've never been this old before, have you?"


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