Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Five O'Clock Shadow 35

Five O'Clock Shadow 35

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Just to reinforced the ever changing nature of the universe, I got back from vacation last Sunday to a brave new world. So be it!

To answer a few questions:

  • Yes, I'm still doing Fun Anymore. The site is all moved over to it's new home (thanks, Matt!), though I'll be working out the bugs over the next few days.
  • Yes, is still going strong. The developers have been working on some cool stuff which we'll be releasing soon. Plus we have gobs more books on the way.
  • Yes, I plan on returning to podcasting. While I'm figuring out what that will be, feel free to ping me to guest appear on your show.
  • No, you'll not see many more CultCast episodes. Now now... I'm taking this opportunity to change a variety of things and I'm looking for a new creative oulet. I may record a final episode and then make them available on

So three things for you to be happy about. One not so much. Maybe. Thanks for hanging around through the near-silence. I'm back!


  1. So we still have the Evil Terrapin to kick around-shiny. Kudos on new digs, use them well!

  2. So, with your newly found freetime, how about a presidential run in 2008?

  3. Yea! I was starting to itch for my Evo fix.

  4. Evo, that one show with that M-- and your name in it just isn't the same without you there. I do definitely hope one day in the future you return to the podosphere with some sort of talking-ish podcast where you get to speak your mind on occasion. I don't really know what the format or subject would be, but I think that the show should have you, and then one or more normal people to act as a counter-balance. And, I really do mean that in the best possible way.

    I'm really sad you're leaving that one place that you used to be. You made it very fun. Now it will be boring and vanilla. What I'm trying to say is: your point of view on many things was,well, ya know, sort of *out there*. But it *out there* in a *good* way that made the whole world seem brighter and more interesting. When everyone has the same bland opinion, or same blandly diametrically opposed opinions, life becomes dull and uninteresting. Your opinion was never dull and uninteresting. I didn't always agree with you (but sometimes I did), but I always found your opinion refreshingly weird. And I, in all seriousness, I think weird is really important. (note email addr and sig)

    I will finish with a modified Malcolm Reynolds quote.

    Evo: you're my kind of crazy*.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    * but, just so we're clear, I'm not coming on to you or anything. I likes the females.

    Stay shiny.


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