Saturday, June 23, 2007

Five thing about me

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Mark Forman tagged me on this meme. It's my first tagging, so be gentle. Five things about the "real" me, huh? Depends on your definition of real, I suppose. Let's go for the Oprah moments, shall we?

  1. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. No, that's not very earth shattering. Let me get warmed up. I left the state when I was 20 years old. No, I have no plans on returning other than to visit family and friends. It's a great big beautiful world out there.
  2. I was married at 20 years old. No, not because we had to but because we wanted to. I look back now and see how foolish that was. Do you have any idea how great the odds were that Sheila and I beat? That's why I don't play the lottery. Not about to push my luck.
  3. I broke my left arm at 3 years old jumping off of a recliner. That's a little over two feet. Tip: Don't lock your arms when you land. Since then I've broken my right wrist (skateboarding downhill = bad idea), a couple of toes and cracked my sternum at a concert. It was crowded.
  4. Had I been born a girl, my mother would have named me Nicole Yvette. When my kid sister was born 14 years later, Mom gave her the middle name of Nicole but had luckily outgrown the Yvette part. No offense to the possible Yvette readers out there.
  5. The only way I'll eat pancakes is with peanut butter. You may think it's strange, but I'm puzzled how you can eat fried flattened flour water without some taste. And give me real maple syrup. Not that fake sugar stuff. (Note: I rarely eat pancakes. But when I do...)

So there you have it. Or me. And as tradition would have it, I need to tag a few more folks. I choose: Sean Reiser, David Moldawer, Mandy Garr (blog, Mandy?), Arioch Morningstar, and Rich Sigfrit.


  1. Haha... fried flattened flour water. Well when you say it that way.... nah. I still like pancakes. :)

  2. My wife thinks I'm crazy when I eat pancakes with Peanut Butter.
    Now I have someone else on the Team.
    Try using Fruit Syrups, it like eating a PB & J sandwich.
    Banana Nut Pancakes and PB is a good mix too,

  3. Peanut Butter? The only way to eat them is with sugar, lemon juice and PLENTY of real maple syrup.

  4. Thanks for the tag, Evo! I am behind, yes...

    Including my blog for you to answer your question ((blog, Mandy?)), complete with "five things" update :)

    If pancakes are "fried flattened flour water" to you, you're doing something wrong - everybody knows they're best with apples or a lemon/ricotta/raspberry sauce combination!

  5. Thanks for the tag, Evo. Unfortunately, nobody reads my piddly blog (except you, I guess) so I don't really have anyone to tag.

    I'm gonna go hang out in the road with that tumbleweed. It's always been good to me.


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