Saturday, May 26, 2007

Pausing the Twitter updates on the blog

I'm starting to question the value of having a daily recap of my Twitter updates (Tweets) posted to this blog. It just doesn't look very good, and it goes against my idea of using Twitter as an "of the moment" toolset.

So I've turned off the updates. If you were enjoying them and want to keep getting the recap, add me as a Twitter friend. If you have no interest in joining Twitter but still want the updates, you can subscribe to my Twitter updates RSS feed.

And for those you you are happy to let Twitter pass them by, you now have to deal with less of this from me. I'll still post about Twitter from time to time, as I'm a big supporter of the application.

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  1. Hey Evo,

    I feel similarly, although right now I'm using the WordPress ‘Category Visibility’ Plugin to hide the tweets category from my feeds and my front-page, but still archiving them (because the twitter feeds seem pretty unreliable).



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