Monday, April 30, 2007

EPPfD 25% complete!

As of early this morning, Tee and I have knocked out 13 chapters of the new book. We're just on schedule and hope to get ahead some over these next four weeks. I tackled some of my tougher chapters up front and am starting to get in a groove.

We've also received our first batch of feedback from our incredibly helpful editor, Kim Darosett, on the first to chapters. It's exactly what I wanted to hear from here: add a little more here, show me a picture of this, break this into steps, use this formatting. We worked with Kim on Podcasting for Dummies and I was stoked when she was picked to help us again.

So with that, I have more writing to do!

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  1. You had better be bringing autographed copies of the book to the studio when they come out...

    Just sayin'.


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