Thursday, April 19, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 20

Five O'Clock Shadow 20

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This is going up a tad early today, but I'm on the fly.

The big news is that is back and in action. I got up way too early and started updating books, because listeners have been waiting way too long. We've got quite the backlog, and I'm trying to lighten as much of the load as I can so Matt doesn't bail on me.

On other fronts, my Wikipedia entry on podiobooks that I worked my ass off creating with a "neutral voice" was marked for fast deletion. So now I'm slugging through the arcane rules and restrictions of getting something back on board. Man. You'd think that with over 100 podcast novels (podiobooks) in existence and more on the way that this would be a valid entry on Wikipedia. And I'm not talking about an entry on the website -- just the noun "podiobook". Sheesh.

Parting shot -- check out when you get a moment. Sign up and hit the Cool Things link. Let your mind consider how to use it. I know I will be. Heavily.

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