Sunday, April 8, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 15

Five O'Clock Shadow 15

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I'm fairly pleased with myself today. I managed to pound out my very first chapter (or practice, whatever) of the new book and got a heck of a start on the second. I may finish tonight or wait and do it when I'm on the plane. Long day of work on a Sunday. I need a nap.

I also signed in to Joost for the first time today. Holy cow. As a guy who has no great love for his television, I can see how this might be a little addictive. It's in closed beta right now, but I'm overly impressed with what I'm seeing. A bit buggy and the content is on the light side, but I'm loving it!

And I'm really bummed I missed Podcamp NYC. But those who went took lots of photos (thanks, C.C.) so I can pretend.


  1. Here's to living vicariously though others!

  2. I've tried Joost once. I'm a TV nut but I prefer to watch stuff on my laptop. The Joost interface is pretty, but I agree with you that the content is light. If they would get something on there that I want to watch, I would be all over it. I've been looking at several web series and if I could get those through Joost, it would be really cool.


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