Monday, April 2, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 12.jpg

Five O'Clock Shadow 12.jpg

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Well today is certainly not fun anymore. No, I'm afraid the fun dried up yesterday around noon.

First full day with out Joe, and it sure feels emptier than before.

But the community response has been outstanding. Not just in support of us here in AZ. I'm stunned at how many people in so many parts of the world have reacted to the loss of Joe, and how they've all managed to step up to help others. While it's true that most of these folks never met Joe, they have never met each other, yet are still finding meaningful ways of lending their support to one another.

Dinner awaits. And I need to contemplate getting more paper to list out all these new Personal Heroes of mine, for the population continues to grow. The pic was taken as I was making dinner tonight. Eating at home? What a concept.

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