Monday, April 2, 2007

Too many podcast cons, too little time

HELP WANTED: Developer needed to create Google Maps/Upcoming mashup specific to all these infernal podcasting conferences which keep cropping up. Zero pay, zero direction from management. Other perks include a feeling of accomplishment and the undying love of the podoshpere.

All kidding aside, I could really use an application that used the Google Maps API to display any and all cons that have to do with podcasting.

As a user, I'd use some fancy month selector/slider on the bottom to change my time reference, causing the map to redraw with callouts for all the events happening world wide that month.

As an event organizer, I'd add my event to and add a very specific tag (podcasting?) to the entry.

As a community member, I'd be responsible for helping police the thing, so that it doesn't get loaded up with spam or events that have nothing to do with podcasting. Maybe some additional fields?

I could use this by, oh... next week. Any takers?


  1. There is a group on upcoming for international podcasters and yes - if not on upcoming it does not exist in my universe. :)

  2. It's not a podcasting con (although it did add a podcasting panel last year) but you really should come up to Minneapolis for CONvergence. ( ) This year's theme is Creature Feature and the guests are:

    Lois McMaster Bujold - Science Fiction and Fantasy Author
    Emily Hagins - Young Filmmaker
    Bernie Wrightson - Comic Book Artist and Illustrator
    Brian Keene - Horror Author
    Wally Wingert - Voice Actor
    John Kovalic - Dork Tower, Out of the Box Games

    It's a good sized convention without being overwhelmingly huge (~2400 people last year), unlike most sci-fi cons it is about 50% female, and the parties kick ass!

    I will buy you, Mike & Summer lots of beer if you make it up here! I'm partly biased about CONvergence because it's here in my home town, but it really is an excellent con.


  3. As much as I'd love to come, Sharon... I'm afraid my dance card is fully punched this year. The con sounds like a blast and I'd love to attend in the future. The invites start flying pretty quickly, but you'd have an advantage of offering me a reason to travel to cooler climes in June.


  4. You're just too popular for your own good, Evo!

    Y'all should definitely put it on your calendars for 2008 though. Since the 4th of July is a Friday that year they are going to run the convention from Thurs-Sun instead of Fri-Sun.

    Also, it's the 10th anniversary and they are going to try to get back as many of the previous guests of honor as they can. The list of fabulous previous GoH is here:

    And yes, I just want you guys to come to me because I can't make the pool party this year or Dragon*Con and I want to drink beer with you! (actually, with Mike because I like the dark malty beers, not those icky hoppy ones you like!)


  5. Evo, I don't know where this will lead, but I made my first Google Maps mashup tonight 'cuz I can't sleep and I figured what the hell.

    So, all it does (right now) is map out the events tagged with "podcasting". Click a marker to read about the event.

    More tinkering to come to make it searchable, etc. But hey, it all starts somewhere.


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