Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raw audio from my presentation at PodCamp AZ

Note: This is a repost. The other was all wonky. Couldn't fix it, so I'm deleting it and trying again. Sorry for the hassle...

Props to Dani Cutler for capturing the audio of my talk, 5 Reasons Your Podcast TECHNICALLY Sucks, last weekend at PodCamp AZ 2009.

It's long, I warn you. And the quality is much what you'd expect from a stationary mic sitting on a table in the front row while I paced side to side.

On my agenda for the weekend is to format and record a SlideCast version and make it available with the rest of my talks. But for now, for those that can't wait, here it is. Unedited and without the benefit of the slides. Enjoy.


  1. Next year I will follow you from one side of the room to the other as you speak!

  2. [...] via Slideshare for those that missed it. Or, if you prefer to experience it as-was, you can check the original audio version. I’m a big fan of SlideShare and think more presenters and speakers should use it as a [...]


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