Thursday, November 12, 2009

2010 - The Year of Us

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To say that I've been struggling with the adjustment of working full-time would be an understatement. Yeah, yeah... cry me a river. I know. It's just that I've been so used to working my own hours for so long -- at least seven years -- that it's taking me a while to get the hang of things. And that means that the blog is slipping. Sorry for that.

I'm currently in San Diego to once again speak at the National Association of Realators™ national convention. Then it's a mad dash back to Phoenix for PodCamp AZ. After that, I have a couple of things I'm committed to, like Improv AZ, SMAZ #2, and a training event for a governmental agency.

And then it's time for the restating of assumptions. Sheila and I have declared 2010 as the Year of Us. Not exactly sure what that means just yet, but I think the direction is pretty clear. Yes, there will still be room for YOU. After all, I'm a fan of the spotlight and don't see that changing anytime soon.

So until I get back to this, be nice to each other.

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Evo Terra, P. Collins. P. Collins said: * "Super cute photo! I love you Sheila Dee!!!" [...]

  2. I can relate. Although I am SO thankful that I have the income from a full-time job again, it took me and those around me time to adjust. I'm no longer home during the day to look up something or do a spot of proofreading. They have to fend for themselves now!

  3. Super cute photo! I love you Sheila Dee!!!

  4. Your blog post really reasonates with me. I think we have to give props to Tuckman here. It's a been a year of forming and storming for many of us - huge life transitions. Here's to "norming" in 2010 and smoothing out the little bumps both personally and professionally. I look forward to follwing your posts. And to more beers.

  5. A little personal reevaluation seems like a damned fine idea.


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