Thursday, November 19, 2009

#evfn is the best Tweetup

Whole Foods Loves #evfn
Image by evo_terra via Flickr
Though it's not exactly news, our little tweetup was named Best Tweetup in Phoenix. Or at least, so sayeth the Phoenix New Times, the indie rag that covers the Phoenix metro scene.

#evfn is a lot of fun. And you should come out. Jonathan McNamara did a couple of times and I'm pretty sure that clinched our victory. He writes for the Phoenix New Times and was probably influential in the creation of the category -- didn't exist last year, probably won't next year.

So props to all who come out and make the event a good one. We'll be at Whole Foods in Chandler tomorrow night from 6 - 8p. And yes, that means we're drinking in a grocery store. Very cool and something to experience if you haven't. Hell, even if you have.

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