Sunday, November 15, 2009

PodCampAZ The Third - The End.

PodCampAZ - Parting Shot

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It's over. Months of planning and countless hours of work by loads of volunteers all led up to two fantastic days enjoyed by hundreds. That's how I'll remember PodCamp AZ 2009.

Thanks to those of you who came. You're the reason we do this.

Thanks to those who volunteered. Without you, this simply would not and could not have happened.

Thanks to those who presented. You provide the content for which everyone will talk about for weeks and hopefully use in their own lives.

Thanks to those who sponsored. It's not cheap to put on free conference of this scale. Your support was crucial to the success of the event. Well done.

Thanks to those who talked about it. Spreading the word of fun stuff like this is a Good Thing.

Thanks to UAT for giving us -- for free -- a fantastic venue that truly makes the experience better.

Thanks to everyone in the Phoenix community who helped spread the word about this. I had numerous out-of-towners comment on what a fantastic community we have, and how their town simply wouldn't be able to pull this together. While that last part is probably bullshit, you should know that others are envious of what we have done and continue to do. I take it as my personal mission to remind you of that as necessary.

Enjoy the afterglow. You've all earned it.

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  2. Thank YOU and the crew that worked so hard to put it together! Enjoy your much earned rest!

  3. This is the one thing I enjoy the most each year. I met some fantastic people that I would never met other wise.

  4. Nice pic too! Thanks for all your hard work too, Evo!!!

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  6. Thank YOU Evo & Sheila, for making PodCampAZ the 3rd so awesome. Thanks for the past 3 years. Brent and I could not have done this without you & Sheila. Yippie! It's over!

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