Thursday, September 6, 2007

Throwing in the towel

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Enough of this roller-coaster. Time to be greatful that I live in a world where heroic medicine can exist with traditional medicine. I've been sick for seven days now, rolling from one version to another. Whatever this is, or whatever opportunistic little bugs keep on jumping on the make-me-feel-like-shit bandwagon, it's time to change course. Antibiotics, here I come.

So let's put this metaphor to good use. All of us have ways that we prefer to do things. We have a certain world view, and have some times strong predilections to one behavior over the other choices in front of us. Forget the conversations about "the one right way" for a minute. I think we can all agree that there are many paths we can take to get to a goal. (Note by "we" I am referring to regular readers of this site. Not the intolerant masses at large.)

Having convictions is a good thing. But living in a world where we have more than a single choice in how to behave is a good thing, too. And when your chosen path isn't getting you towards your goal, it's almost always better to stop doing More of What Doesn't Work and find a different way.

This may seem to fly in the face of the stay-the-course crowd and those dogmatic adherents of perseverance, but understand that I am not advocating you turn into a quitter when the going gets tough. But I am suggesting that there is a fine line between sticking it out, and packing it in when it's obviously not working.

I'm there. And I'm stubborn. How about you? Do you know when enough is enough? And do you hate the decision, even though you know you have to do something different?


  1. All I can say is there is a great persuasive quality to wellness-hope you get there quicker this way.

  2. I'm so sorry your still not feeling well. You need to be well when I see you next week, cause I won't be coming near your a$$ if your not :)

  3. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. I believe that we have become terribly soft in our society and our way to quick to pop pills for every little thing. But that isn't to say that it is not appropriate at times. Modern medicine is truly marvelous and there should be no reason to feel bad about using it when needed.

    In more general sense, it is a mark of wisdom to be able to recognize and admit when you are wrong, or you chosen path is leading nowhere. In most cases it is foolishness to keep pushing on that brick wall rather than backtracking a bit and taking another path in the maze. There should be no shame in changing your mind in the face of overwhelming evidence.

  4. There is a certain amount of suffering that is inherent in just being sick. Good for the "soul" and all that. Once you've had enough and feel like you've "grown" adequately from the experience, just being functional again can go a long way towards health.

    Hope you find yourself on the functioning and feeling better path real soon.

  5. You're a fucking herbalist quack and you always have been. It's about damned time you learned that science is better than stripmall shamanism.

    Herbs are drugs, but they are impure and the dosage levels are impossible to dial in with any accuracy. Refined drugs are the way to give you exactly what you need when you need it. Also, most of your herbalist shite is completely phony garbage that never passes a double-blind.

    I'm delighted to see you find that there is no such thing as 'western medicine" or "holistic medicine" or "natural medicine" but just medicine. It's the stuff that works. I'm dismayed, however, that this may mean you will be on this Earth a little bit longer as a result.

  6. That's a bit harsh ,Spork.

    One of the things I learned on line was that you can tell someone something, but it doesn't matter unless they experience it themselves. Where I learned this lately was on LiveJournal and my "blogging attempts." It seems there are a group of people who wander around and troll, and try to hurt other people. It took bashing my head against them a few times before I finally just walked away entirely.

    Enough is enough when people around you start noticing that you're a different person, or that you have changed so dramatically that they are unwilling to be near you until you change your ways. Sadly, that point oftentimes is far too late to do anything about it. I try to watch for opportunities to change BEFORE the bad stuff happens.

    Forgive me if I ramble, but I too am sick, and have the cold/flu of doom.

  7. Spork was very mean and rude.

    I think you're cool, Evo. Take your meds and get better. IMHO, the world is a better place *because of* (not in spite of) your presence in it.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.


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