Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hang with me at the PNME 2007

As the Lovely Wife is upstairs packing for the event, and I sit here trying to finish my presentation, it occurs to me that I need to post the "official" agenda of where and when I'll be at the Portable and New Media Expo, happening the for three fun-filled days in Ontario California. Here's the plan:

8:00 PM - We arrive at the Expo
9:00 PM - Raw Voice party- Marriott, Suite TBD

7:30 AM - Association for Downloadable Media meeting - Convention Center, Ballroom A
9:00 AM - Keynote - Convention Center, Ballroom C
10:00 AM - Selling the Unique Value of Your Content - Convention Center, Ballroom C
2:00 PM - Interview with Lulu TV - Location TBD
3:15 PM - Understanding Your Content Liability Risks in New Media - Convention Center, Ballroom B
6:30 PM - Dr Floyd Live - Marriott, Meeting Room #36
8:00 PM - Culture Catch Salon - Convention Center, Hall B
8:30 PM - Technorama Live - Marriott, Meeting Room #36
9:00 PM - Podcast Pickle Party - Marriott, Room TBD

7:30 AM - Homefries Breakfast - The Spires
9:00 AM - Keynote - Convention Center, Ballroom C
10:30 AM - Selling Advertising and Sponsorships for Your Audio or Video Content - Convention Center, Ballroom C
12:30 PM - Presenting From Commentors to Contributors: Building Rabid Fans - Convention Center, Expo Floor, Podango Stage
2:00 PM - Presenting Veterans of the Yahoo! Podcasting Board - Convention Center, Ballroom B
3:15 PM - How to Generate Buzz and Extend Your Brand with Social Media, Convention Center, Ballroom A
4:30 PM - Meeting with Wizzard- private
6:30 PM - 1st Annual New Media Expo Concert - Convention Center, Hall B
8:00 PM - Wizzard Media party - Doubletree, Room TBD

9:00 AM - Keynote - Convention Center, Ballroom C
11:45 AM - Creative Ways to Grow Your Audience Every Week - Convention Center, Ballroom A
12:30 PM - Presenting Writer’s Panel - Convention Center, Expo Floor, L.A. Podcasters Booth 607
3:00 PM - Head to the airport

Of course, this is a planned schedule. Plans are subject to change, shiny objects, beer and too much beer. Any free time after noon will probably result in me holding court at the bar at the Marriott. Come hang, and I'll see you there!

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