Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sigler v. Hendrix smackdown audio posted

OK, so "smackdown" may be taking things a bit to far. For background on what this all about, look I talked about if on this website as well as on the blog. BoingBoing tipped me off about the event first. The discussion was last week, and those following me on Twitter got a play by play.

Rick K, editor for The Agony Column brought his mics, mixer and general love of recording and editing interview. That saves you having to suffer through me getting to it. The audio is now live, with lots of links to the charity that brought these two together.

The image is courtesy of Stephen Jacob who has a whole set of photos from the event.

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  1. Here's my thoughts on this:
    Online Distribution and the Literary World: The Sigler VS Hendrix Debate

    Basically my point is that for all Hendrix's intelligent banter, the real reason he has a problem with this is that eventually he's going to be in strong competition with a very large pool of new faces. And if he doesn't play his cards right his long career could be over in a heartbeat. (which technically, isn't he retired anyway?)


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