Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Am I missing something about the new iPods?

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For today's 5OS (and yes, I'm feeling much better), I thought I'd follow suite and talk about the latest iPod released by Apple. But I'll take a slightly different approach than you might have seen.

It's obvious to me that Apple is aiming for two very different segments of the population, and I seem to fit neither. On one hand, you have the over-the-top, more-storage-than-you'll-ever-need version of the new "classic" iPod, with a conventional click wheel. On the other, the uber-cool iPhone-wihout-a-phone touch iPods with an amazingly small amount of storage.

Neither of these fit my needs. My 60 BG iPod has loads of podcasts, music and movies, and it's about half full. So more storage I don't need. But I do need a lot more storage than the new touch screen, and that interface is just hella cool.

So I have to figure -- since I'm not all that strange (no comments) -- that I'm missing something. Apple must have some trick up their sleeve that will make me care a whole lot less about the storage capabilities of a portable media player than I do right now. But they must know that some folks won't take them up on whatever that offer looks like, so they've put out the "classic" to satisfy those needs.

The only thing that comes to mind is some sort of super-streaming method being developed, allowing you to store your media somewhere other than your portable device. I'm not deep into the tech enough to know or care how that'll happen, but it's the only thing I can come up with. If they have figured out -- or are close to figuring out -- a way to get extremely fast downloads to the device from anywhere... maybe I don't need to carry it all around with me after all?


  1. I couldn't agree with you more Evo. I have a 80 gb iPod. As a filmmaker/ film student having the widescreen of the iPod touch would be amazing but it's almost reduced to nothing by the fact that it's storage is so low.

    Even if the storage was up to something about let's say 30gb (something then I might be in the market for) there's nothing worng with the iPod I currently own so for the next few years I could care less about what iPod's come out because unless it gets hit by a car It'll last me that long at least.

  2. I had my geekgasm over the iPod Touch. I really want one. What would I use it for? I would use it for my every day podcast listening and watching. I honestly couldn't tell you if it is enough storage, but this would be the iPod I would carry with me. Why? I don't have a smart phone. I could walk into a coffee shop and quick check my email on the run. I do agree, I wish it had a hard drive. I probably won't be getting one anytime soon short of a third mortgage on the house.

  3. Evo, you echo my thoughts almost exactly. I do see a use for the large size. Since the iPod can be used as a USB hard drive I can see the value in the large storage size. You can store portable applications and/or backups on it.

    But I want something like the iPod Touch to replace my already full old pre-color, pre-video iPod. I don't want to downgrade my storage for the other features. There's also no reason for me to ditch my current iPod for a classic, so I guess it's just not time for me to get a new iPod.

    I hope they do merge the product lines down the road, or at least have a 30GB Touch at some point.

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  5. Similar to Mike, I had a total geekgasm when I heard what Apple was releasing. Then when I saw them I immediately vowed to buy one. Until I heard that they just dropped the price of an iPhone by 200 bucks. That stopped me in my tracks and made me rethink the whole situation.

    I have a 20GB, non-colour, non-video, (refurbished, no less) iPod that I use every single day. I work in construction so it was the perfect choice when my previous MP3 player died. So as much as I would love a new iPod, I don't really need one... yet. When I do finally get one it will not replace my "work" unit, but simply for "play" to avoid it getting damaged.

    So for now I think the plan is to wait and see what Apple decides to do next. I'll probably go for an iPod Touch rather than the Classic video just because I don't need as much storage and it's just damn cool. But I'd like to see what hard drive sizes will be coming in the near future and how that will affect the prices of the current models.

  6. Yeah, I love the iTouch. I don't think size is a problem. As long as I can put a few of my BT airlines video on it, I'm happy. My current iPod mini is rarely more than 1/2 full. Having video capability would be cool.

    I'd REALLY prefer the new cheaper iPhone, but until they make one that will work in Korea AND the US, I'll stick with the iTouch, I guess.

    Also, just found out the iTouch is only 40$ or so more expensive here in Korea, so I think I'll be picking one up as soon as they're available.

  7. I think Apple cynically calculates that a certain number of people will run out, buy the iPod touch now, and then discover they need more memory, then later buy another version of it when it comes out with more storage space. I know I'm very tempted--I don't want a new phone, but I want all that other stuff. But I will wait for a version that makes more sense for my needs.

  8. Same stuff, the look of the ipod classic is terrible. ive never had an ipod because i get free mp3's every year. but recently ive started working and ive decided to buy some things taht ive always wanted but was replaced with no cost, less cool alternatives because of hook ups. among the many things i will buy is an ipod video. WHY? because i download lots of shows and movies and im often on the road. i need something simple tat will store my videos and songs. something simple and slick and beautiful. For web browsing, i would use a laptop taht i will buy. so i just need a media library with a lot of space. first we got the i touch, nice, lots of cool features, but not as handy as a laptop for those who arent just impressed by its features but for those who question about how far you can go with these features. And the second thing is the storage, it seems to me like the itouch is just a small device to surf webs. And honestly, i do not feel comfortable web surfing on such a small display. i think apple would never downgrade their products, so my guess would be that next year were gonna get something similar to the itouch with fullscreen interface and at least the same storage size as the current ipod classic, if not , even more.


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