Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Holiday sickness sucks

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Well my Labor Day long weekend sucked major donkey dick. Yours?

Well, it didn't all blow. The flu that took me out on Friday certainly blew. The only highlight being when Mur Lafferty called me from the Pimps and Hos party at Dragon*Con and got the whole room to shout in my effigy or honor, take your pick. You rock, Mur.

It seems that about half of my friends were at Dragon*Con this year, and I had to miss it. But as shitty as I was (is) feeling, I was in no shape to attend. Woulda been miserable to be around, too.

Saturday did not suck, as the flu seemed to have passed me (I'm usually a 24-hr flu guy) and I was able to make a Luau over at Gilbert's house. Gil and I played together in a skapunk band called Spaz Kitty about five years ago. The band is still together, and they asked me, the original bass player (can't call myself a bassist, sorry) to sit in for a redux of Tantric Kitty, a song that I wrote the main riff for. A blast. Even better: NJ, who was about 10 when I split with the band, got to sit in on drums. I cannot even begin to describe how fucking cool it was to play one of my songs with my old band where my son was rockin' the set. Pics soon to be posted on Flickr.

Sunday was back to me being miserable. Flu was gone, but now a nasty cold. It subsided enough on Monday for me to get many chapter edits on Expert Podcasting for Dummies kicked out, but I didn't do much else. And today, I still feel like all that tissue I've been using is shoved into my sinus cavities. And lungs.

So... how was your weekend?


  1. I got a sore throat on friday that I thought would just come and go like most but it stuck around and jumped ship to the wife as well. I had to cancel my regular Sunday game night - Not because I felt so bad, but I just felt *infectious* and I try not to share.

    I was sad that I missed my one day of interaction with real people. The upside however was I got invited into a Gears of War frag fest with some other local artists. I have played a bit in the past with the random people that XBOX live will hook you up with, to great disappointment. But this was the first time I've played head to head with folks I knew. SO much more fun. Their was much bloody rejoicing at every kill.

  2. So _you're_ the one that gave this flu to me!

    Missed you at D*Con, would have been even better.


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