Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Electric Church by Jeff Somers

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I got up early this morning to knock out the final couple of chapters in Jeff Somer's debut novel1, The Electric Church. Sucks that I have to buy books now, but such is life.

I picked up The Electric Church on a whim. Was in B&N, didn't know what I wanted, saw this on an end-cap and thought it looked interesting. What an understatement. Near future dystopian tale where a hired gun tries to take down a wacky religion and the establishment? Color me there!

This is a really well told tale. Full of nearly non-stop action, I wanted to read it all in one sitting. And while this is a stand-alone novel, it's set up to be an ongoing series. I'll definitely be getting the next one as well.

Evo rating: 4.5 damn dirty apes!

1 - I think it's his first one to be published. He's written more, but I don't think those have been published. Maybe they should be. Or maybe they should get out into the world by some alternate means?


  1. Sounds interesting–is it cyberpunk? If so, I'm there!

  2. I'm lousy at picking sub-genres of SF. But I think there is enough stree-tech wrapped up in the character Ty to make the cyberpunk fans happy. Then again, there's enough bad-guy action to make shoot-em-up-bang-bang types happy, too.

  3. Cool, I'll add it to my verrry long list! :)


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