Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Thoughts on PodCampAZ

Jeremy and others are doing a fine job getting things together for the upcoming PodCampAZ coming up in November. I'm going to go and hope to present, but I can't spare much time to help in the way of planning.

He posted a brain dump today about his recent trip to a potential venue, and I thought I'd use my own blog here to respond and give feedback to some of that. Anything to spread the word, right?

In fairness to those of you not in AZ who don't give a frog's fat one, it's behind the MORE link. Final caveat: I've never done a PodCamp, so I'm talking strictly from my butt. Enjoy.

*Should we hold the podcamp 1 or 2 days? Looks like we will have a Friday night kickoff event.
    I vote for a single day but like the idea of something the Friday night before.

*What about projectors? Are many presentors going to need them? How do we get them? Do we really need them?
    I'd like to use one, but I understand they may be hard to acquire. I'm willing to bring my own and assume others would be as well. If not, they deal.

*Sound systems… there is one built in for the main speaking area…. will the smaller groups need them? I’m thinking no.
    I agree with no. We're podcasters. Speak up!

*How long should each session be?
    45 minutes with a good 15 minute break between. Plenty of time to get where you need to be or to hang out and gab with the presenter for a bit.

*There is an extra parking lot (that we will need), it rents out for $250 a day.
    Yeah. Phoenix public transportation sorta... sucks.

*This is an art gallery, so no attaching things to the wall, stay clear of the paintings.
    You're going to want to stress that to everyone that shows up. Very very loudly. You don't want to be responsible for paying for those items.

*There are only two restrooms, and each one is the one at a time kind… do we need more?
*How many people do we figure are going to come to this thing anyway?
    Those two questions are related. It's not like this is a huge concert, but if you get above 100 folks or so, then you may need alternate solutions. Then again, I'm no public planner.

*There is a cool projection room, Brent think we should get video podcasters to submit an example of their work, and we can display it in this video room, it is not good for anything else really.
    How will you get the content running? Not a video podcaster, but I guess just a laptop and DVDs? Someone needs to be in charge.

*Lunch? There is a small restaurant on location, but could only handle about 100 premade lunches. Just have folks try to take lunch throughout the day? Bring it in?
    I wouldn't worry about lunch inside, assuming there are places to eat in the vicinity.

*We are thinking of holding the event from 9 to 5 on Saturday… registration opens at 8, out the door by 6. Still considering Sunday… everything costs money
    As stated before, skip Sunday. And I'd start at 10:00 on Saturday. Getting folks there before that is tough. Unless you have some sort of single event at 9:00 that everyone can attend. But individual sessions won't be well attended at 9:00

*There is no wifi or internet of any kind… we need to get that sponsored.
    That's a deal killer. Has to have access.

*Dan from the Love Long and Prosper podcast mentioned in our first meeting that he would like to have an are where podcasters can sign up for a slot and do a show, live, streamed, and in your face. We have a place for that.
    Without wifi? And who's supplying the equipment? The stream?

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