Thursday, May 24, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 34

Five O'Clock Shadow 34

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Hey, there's a change of scene. Today's pic comes to you from the lovely Detroit International Airport. I'm travling from Phoenix to Baltimore on my way to Balticon, a scifi-turned-podcaster convention. But I find myself with some extra time on this layover as the connecting flight (did I mention this was supposed to be a direct flight?) was delayed by an hour. And though I don't have wifi to upload, I can take a pic and write this.

I don't know how many science fiction conventions I'm going to make next year. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy attending conventions. But I'm becoming less and less of a scifi podcaster... heck, less and less of a podcaster at all, come to think of it. My 2008 attentions will focus more on new media, connecting and other things that grab my interest. I still hope to make many cons and conferences, but they probably will be new ones than I've previously attended.

Know of something really cool you think I'd enjoy? Let me know about it for next year. And you are on the planning committee for a convention, conference, expo or other event and you are looking for folks to come and present, I'd love to hear from you. And with luck, this bad travel karma will have left me by then.


  1. Hmm maybe will have to come up with some PacRim ConnectorCon thingie to get your butt over here. Can have it in Singapore so Froosh and I split the travel. :) Good to hear you are making adjustments that better adapt to your long term goals. Keep rockin bubba!

  2. I hope you will keep podcasting at least on SofSF. The shows aren't quite the same without you and I would miss hearing your voice.


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