Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Disconnect: Reasons Companies fail at Social Media and how to Succeed

That's the fancy title of my talk tomorrow at the Social Media for Business event, put on by SocialMediaAZ. This is a pure business event. It costs money to go. (I wonder how much I get?) And the talks are specifically for people in business. Less touchy-feely. More action and tactics.

I fought with my presentation all of last weekend. And by "all", I mean all. I'd been taking notes of thoughts and ideas for several weeks. But when I sat down to put them all together, the damned thing fought me all the way. I wanted it to be very tactical and actionable. It refused.

So in the end, I let it win. The presentation is done and I'm happy with it. But it's not what I originally intended to say. That's the funny thing with words, thoughts and ideas. When you go to tell a story -- a coherent story -- you have to be willing to adapt. And maybe that's another lesson that business can take and apply to social media.

My talk is tomorrow. For those coming, I look forward to seeing you. For those not, enjoy this dry-run Slidecast version.


  1. Good stuff. Looks like a kick ass presentation. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.

  2. Great presentation, Evo.

    I'm volunteering at #SMAZ so not sure if I am gonna be able to make your session, but some key people from my company are going to be there. Thanks for putting the "idea" of social media into words that corporate people will understand.

    Also love that you use the correct term "social graph". Barabási would be proud.

  3. Thanks, Jason & Chad. Looking forward to seeing how the crowd reacts!

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