Thursday, August 13, 2009

Social Media 101 part deux at SMC Phoenix

Well that went well. Last month, I debuted something new at Social Media Club Phoenix called "Social Media 101". The idea is simple and in-line with my objectives: make an easy in-road for those who are new to the concept of social media. When us "seasoned veterans" start tossing around buzzwords and leaving out annotations, it's a little off-putting for those on the outside or who are brand new. I'd like to change that.

Here's what Jeff has to say about the event I'm doing tonight:

Social Media 101

Before you jump in the social pool with both feet, you might want to test the waters. What are people saying about you? Where are they saying it? And what should you do when you find out? Find out the answers in 15 minutes. And come prepared with questions, as this is a beginner-friendly conversation.

The Social Media 101 session starts at 5:30 and is led by Evo Terra. It is entirely optional and you can just attend the main panel at 6:30 if you wish.

It's at's corporate offices near the Biltmore. See you there!

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