Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Video from my "Big Time" talk from Ignite Phoenix now aviailable

Last night we pulled off the first Ignite Phoenix series of presentations. My honest opinion? Outstanding. Your city needs an event like this, and Phoenix needs to do another one.Kudos to Jeff and Roger for pulling it together. And for twisting my arm to talk.

My presentation on "Big Time" won't be terribly new for those of you who've been listening to my CultCast for years. It was the second and third topic I covered. But this time, I got to do it with slides and had to compress it down to five minutes exactly.

I did it, and you can now see that video on line. (I start around 11:00 in.) I screwed up when talking about humanity's time on the planet (50K, not 50MM years as I said) 'cuz I didn't put a cue on my final preso (Note to self: Double check next time), and halfway screwed up the century slide (started out talking about decade -- duh). Oh, and I walked around WAY too much, driving Clintus batshit crazy on the camera and making it tough to fit me and my slides in at the same time.

I may go back and record myself doing the talk "live" to create a screen cast. Quite a few people in the crowd said that they enjoyed the talk and would like a copy. So for now, suffice with the link above. When I get back from the NME, I'll see if I can find the time to do the other.

And as I told the folks who asked, I have two other "Big" talks I can give -- one on big numbers (like the real difference between a million and a billion) and one on big distances (think astronomically) that also might be fun to develop. I'll start working on those (eventually) and then see if I can figure out how to do small next. Could be fun. Here's to hoping there's another Ignite Phoenix where I might present those next!


  1. See, now we're going to have to do another event JUST so we can hear your other presentations! I think you're just being a perfectionist about it all, because I thought your presentation was great. We really appreciate you kicking off our first Ignite Phoenix, and all the support for the event in general.

    Thanks, Evo!

  2. Yeah, but you were drunk.


    Great event, Jeff. And damn skippy -- we MUST do another.

  3. [...] My talk on Big Distance has been selected by the fine folks at Ignite Phoenix 3! So now I know what I’m doing the evening of February 25th. Oh, and the weekends leading up to that, as I still need to finish the talk. It’s called “Big Distance”, and it’s in a similar style as my Big Time talk from the first Ignite Phoenix. [...]


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