Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm speaking at Ignite Phoenix August 12th

If you're interested in some fun and eclectic talk, join me at at 6:00 PM on August the 12th. I'm kicking off the presenters at the first ever Ignite Phoenix event that evening. Speakers only have 5 minutes on stage, so even if something sounds terribly boring to you -- relax! Or take a potty break.

Here's the line-up of speakers for Tuesday evening:

First Act
  1. Big Time Evo Terra
  2. Peanut Butter Jelly Time! April Holle
  3. RadiatePhx: Why having a vital downtown matters Claudia Bullmore
  4. Running A Successful Coffee Establishment Austin Baker
  5. O.B.G.I.T.R. Steven Shaffer
  6. Do Social Networks merely help us build bigger silos? Steve Swedler
  7. Get in Shape David Koontz
  8. Storycasting Jeff Reid
  9. Play with yourself (musically) and break through to the next level Sean Tierney

Second Act
  1. Circ Jerk: Fear and Loathing in the Stacks Daniel Messer
  2. 10 Green Biz Ideas For PHX Entrepreneurs! Tomas J Carrillo
  3. Firewalking - Myth or Mastery? Vincent Kellsey
  4. LIT 140: the public side of sharing a personal passion Ms. Heather Lynne Herr
  5. Commerce: assistance for success Tiffany Frechette
  6. Is living outside the United States right for you? Kevin Patterson
  7. OCD: We Put the "Order" in Disorder M. Bahle
  8. Pinhole Portrait Photography Sheila Bocchine

Be sure and RSVP to the event if you are going to come. It'll be a hoot!


  1. I will be there need to have some fun this week.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you again, CA. Be sure and RSVP, as seating is limited.

  3. Is someone going to capture the talks? I would love to be able to listen from afar.


  4. Unsure, Douglas. With luck (and foresight), they will.

    But if not, I'm planning on making mine available as a sort of screen cast. Yay! Something new to learn. :)


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