Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bring me your social media circles

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I hit this briefly on a recent post, but it's worth going deeper. Rather than join the fray and argue my point, I'm going to make a statement.

I hereby promise to try out each and every social media application that one of my listeners/readers is using, upon request. I may not stick with it, but I'll join, make a profile and try it out.

Why am I doing this? Because I understand that I do not and cannot control *all* of the conversation. Sure, I could draw a line in the sand and tell you which methods of communication I prefer. But honestly, that's bullshit. It's your intraweb. You get to pick where you want the conversation to take place. If you send me an email, you probably expect me to email you back -- not call you on the phone. Understood. And welcomed, actually.

So the ball is in your court. How do you want to communicate with me? While I can't promise to respond super quickly, most of these services have a notification system in place, so it should not take me long. And who know? Maybe you'll help me discover something that somehow enriches my life and communication style.

Bring it on!

Note: this picture is not me right now. I took it last week before I moved in a little coffee shop in the town I used to live in. You don't want to see me right now. House is a disaster (just moved), I'm half nekkid and rather pissed at a home warranty company. Three things make it a not pretty picture.


  1. well put evo, i try them all from a vc/technologists point of view, but the ones i stick w/ offer me ready access to my friends and the ones i abandon usually are because they offer little value and/or make it to cumbersome to use...

    so twitter gets my attention - pownce not so much and jaiku just exists, once the feeds are setup it needs no attention...

  2. Evo, SNAP, as you see from my article or oreilly It does look like Social Networks will provide ways for groups to share and spread awareness of ideas and conversations far better than any single serving post on a website will.

    Twitter , whilst not high in user numbers compared to say - Facebook - certainly maintains a momentum and enjoys a regular cadre of followers.

    Jaiku , really gets so busy with peoples feeds you cant always see the conversation unless you look at one person at a time.

    Facebook, has a peak coming if it doesnt open up and share its data, its far more popular than any other Social network site but its not being used for communication as much as twitter.

    MyBrand , was bland as anything and seemed to feature a awful lot of white space

    8apps, is damned intriguing ive not figured it out yet though.

    Blogs, are working well, but like jaiku youve got tobe following one person at a time ( or employ an rss reader ) .

    So there we go a quick overview from my select number social networks which I have taken part in and I believe your a member of as well. But I would be intersting to hear and know of more if you find them.

  3. Hey Evo, I'm down with using smoke signals and cuniform carvings on stone tablets.

    Honestly, I haven't found any of these web2.0 apps to be very good as communication/collaboration tools.
    Most of them are more time-waster-toy than useful tool.

    I'm sure I haven't seen them all, so how about you give us all a who's who of all the players in the social/collaboration/communication space so we can give them a go?

    That'd be a handy resource.

    Enjoy the moving experience.


  4. I've mostly been a free-form socializer, creating CC lists on the fly depending on the
    topic. I registered in MySpace to see what my daughter was up to and I registered
    in twitter (brucefp) since you talk about it so much I thought I would give it a whirl.

    Twitter is interesting, although, it seems that it is a little off-putting. It's like a chatroom
    where you can be invisible and unheard. That seems kind of odd to me, like it is
    inherently cliquish. You start off talking to the wall until you invite friends in, then it's
    probably pretty close to chat it seems.


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