Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Filling the holes

Five O'Clock Shadow 54

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As I sit here not admiring the dozen or so holes in my walls from some recent and yet-to-be-completed plumbing work, my metaphorical mind is on overdrive.

All of us have holes in our lives -- professional or personal... or both. Not things that are missing (that's a whole different topic), but things that which have been removed for one reason or another. Here's an example: me as a podcaster.

Yep, I miss it. Big time. And while I'm still very much involved with the community and have close contact with others who I'm helping to podcast, I miss talking in front of a microphone. Maybe I should do a podcast about living through home improvement?

How about you? What have you taken out of your life, perhaps to examine more closely or to just put aside for a period of time? Maybe it's time to think about repairing that hole with something better than was there before?


  1. I've taken out TV for the most part (barring Doctor Who).

    I've taken out radio for the most part (barring Car Talk).

    I've taken out video games for the most part (barring the occasional round of Guild Wars).

    In their place, I've put writing, podcasting, and (unfortunately, I think) futzing around with facebook, twitter, etc.

  2. Gee the guy who wrote the book on podcasting misses it... Go Figure.
    Now before people come to your defense read me out... (hear me out just doesn't seem right).

    For years I have heard you help other people do wonderful things with their craft. I am positive that they all appreciate it ( in one form or another - No I am not going there)

    The first guideline I heard from you (I lost count how many time I heard it from you) is to podcast what you are passionate about.

    So Evo from one podcaster to another....

    What are you passionate about?

    Then do it. You already have the tools.

  3. Music performance is missing for me, being that it involves more weekend time away from the hubby than I'm willing to sacrifice. I haven't really put anything in its place yet, and I think that's been bothering me on some level for a while now. I think that fiction writing could fill this void, though, once I choose to carve out the time for it. (Hmm. I should be writing...)

    Organized religion hasn't been a part of my life for nigh on ten years now, and sometimes I forget to miss the sense of in-group belonging I once had. I've been doing some serious introspection on what I *do* believe lately, and have joined the za-zen meditation sessions at my aikido dojo as a replacement for the social aspect of religion.

    Real, honest-to-god, hanging-out local friends have been missing from my life for some time, too -- since college graduation in 2001, actually. I try to fill that hole with blogging, blog-reading and social networking... but it's just not the same.

    Good concept, Evo. I'll probably end up thinking more about this later.

  4. Dude-I think whatever theme you do would be an interesting listen. Just hope some more Traverse Onion in the mix than on previous efforts. To me that's the "gold."

  5. I've been doing a similar self-examination for the past year, but for me it has been more of the mid-life crisis variety. It hit me all of a sudden that there were things I used to do that I let go over the past 15 years. It happened slowly and I was becoming more and more discontent. That's why I am using this, my 40th year, to let go of impossible goals and reinstitute activities that give me joy. For instance, I am never going to be a famous author, but I can still write for fun.

  6. this has been my therapy


  7. I really enjoyed your work on Slice o' Sci-Fi and The Dragon Page.

    I never realized how much you made those shows, until you left. The interplay between you and Michael was fantastic, but it's become clear to me that you were the personality and he was the straight man. You would go off on some energetic tear, and he'd be the calming influence ("Er...I don't know about that, Evo..."). His Martin to your Lewis, I guess. Bet you're sick of that comparison by now.

    Those shows don't work for me anymore. Summer is more like Michael (but more argumentative) than she is like you. Two "straight men" (boy, that's problematic in one or two ways) aren't that entertaining. It would be easier for you find another person to play their roles, than for them to find another person to play yours (I suspect).

    I don't know why you left. I heard the podcast with that Bullwinkle-sounding guy at the convention. It was bad, but not so bad as to cause that "Never again, people!" post I saw from some FarPoint management person. I suppose it's professional of you not to tell us what made you leave; we'll have to fill in the blanks with rumor and speculation, as we always do in such cases.

    I know I'll be checking back here to see what you're up to next. I've quit trying to listen to the podcasts above, after several attempts. While it may not be a realistic wish, I hope you somehow return and save those two programs... you could make them the entertaining diversions they used to be. Good luck in the future. Regardless of where it is, I hope you return to podcasting.

  8. wes in the catskillsAugust 6, 2007 at 4:43 AM

    I think you should bring back the cult cast on a more regular basis.

  9. I miss podcasting too. Although I do more consulting right now. Maybe the Evo and Paul show should be happening? Can two passionate guys share a podcast, without driving each other crazy?



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