Sunday, March 18, 2007

Post instant flash reviews on Twitter

It strikes me that Twitter would be a wonderful way to instantly get out your thoughts and opinions on timely yet recurring events -- particularly movie reviews.

I'm always curious what other people think about a new release, as I rarely get to them on opening night. Such is the life when you live in the boonies. But many folks who I know and who's opinions I trust a lot more than the "legit" reviewers see movies as soon as they open. As soon as you get out of the flick, 40404 your brief (and spoiler free) opinion on the movie. Since Twitter only lets you put out 140 character updates, it'd be tough to spoil too much. But just to know whether your thought it was worthy or not would mean a lot to folks like me who are deciding what to see in the next few days.

Some enterprising young Twitterer with way more chops than I should set up some sort of collection spot for these and archive them for a couple of days.


Link to my Twitter profile (and much more) in the sidebar. Or right here for those too lazy to hit the site.

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