Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 9

Five O'Clock Shadow 9

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Holy CRAP what a day. Sorry folks, but this 5O'CS comes about 3.5 hours late. And this is one you can skip. Seriously.

It started at 6:05 this morning, just as I was about to get in the shower with my Lovely Wife. Immediate water pressure loss. Thought it was the sprinklers. Uh, no. How about a broken main? Yeah. The *&%$@ that did the landscaping some dozen years ago decided not to spend the $0.75 to buy a 3/4" end cap and instead went with some flimsy plastic cap you'd expect on the end of a garden hose. What a great way to spend the morning.

Anyhow... went downhill from there. More connectivity issues, though the Mayberry ISP finally listened to me and decided it was a major problem in the neighborhood and not my wireless router. So I had to work from the coffee shop for half the day, but I'm at about twice the speed now. I'll take it.

Various other unpleasant crap during the day (thought I did give an interview with the Italian Public Radio. That was cool. More on that when I know it.) topped off by the airline trying to cancel one of the legs of my trip to Balticon. That ended... OK. No plane change now, but it' does get me in an hour and twenty minutes later.

So I'm beat. And I have a pile of work to do.

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