Monday, March 19, 2007

Not all tech support calls are created equal

Background: I've been having serious connectivity issues for the past two weeks. No less than six technicians have been to the house -- none of them could find a problem. Part of the challenge is that the outage is sporadic, with the highest concentration of outages happening around 8:00 and 5:00. Yes, I too see the pattern. So this last call was to arrange to get some out here as early as possible next week when I've returned from a trip.

ISP Knuckledragger: It looks like the earliest we can get someone out to you on the 26th would be 1:00.
Me: What does the schedule for the next day look like?
ISP Knuckledragger:You mean the 27th?
Me: Yes. On most calendars, the 26th is in fact followed by the 27th.

And before you start firing up your email clients or readying the comment bots: relax. Yes, I realize that the majority of tech support calls are the fault of the STK interface making the call. But this exception to the rule was too great not to share.


  1. Spare the rod and you'll spoil that child.

  2. They actually give you an actual time?? Wow... :staring in awe and wonder:


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