Friday, March 16, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 4

Five O'Clock Shadow 4

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Yep. Smiling. Why? Work week is over. Hooray. My internet connection has been spotty as hell. And while that may sound like no big deal, consider that I work from home and rely on internet connectivity to stay in touch with my team.

A few folks I know have decided to get "serious" about their music collection. Not in a rip-all-CDs-in-my-collection-to-the-computer way, but in a do-I-really-want-or-need-all-this-crap way. I fully embrace the idea of "new media", support the efforts of DIY artists, have some pretty strange tastes in music, and am about as "anti-clutter" as you can possibly get. So yeah, this idea appeals to me.

To that end, I'm now listening to my music with intent as my playlist rolls through the day. I'm not being quite as dogmatic as some, as I really like my Primus, Presidents of the United States of America, Cake and others. But I am playing clean up -- to RIAA songs and even those podsafe tunes I've collected. If I don't love it, it's going away.

My way will take some time, but I think I'l like the outcome. Happy Friday.

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  1. Ya know-funny how when I was getting ready for the big commute (5 minutes) to the office I stopped and looked at the piles of CDs (hundreds and that is store bought) not to mention the other several alnums of CDs (self-burnt) most of which I rarely use any more.

    Then I saw this post...Am I on the crest of a new wave?


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