Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Five O’Clock Shadow 1

Five O'Clock Shadow 1

Originally uploaded by evo_terra.

Starting a meme. Could be stupid. Will most certainly track how old I'm getting -- or how old I look after a day of day job working.

Every day (that I have a connection and remember to do so) at or just after 5:00 PM local time, I'll post a picture of me and tag it with "Five O'Clock Shadow". No idea if anyone else will do it. Don't care.


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  1. [...] Evo and I have a couple things in common1: facial hair and blogs. Recently, Evo began posting a daily picture of himself taken at 5:00 and tagging it (of all things) "5 O'Clock Shadow". Always looking for an excuse to post more, I [...]


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