Saturday, September 12, 2009

My RSS feed is broken

Unure what is going on, but my RSS feed seems to be broken. It's not throwing errors, it's throwing blanks.

This could be the result of my recent upgrade to the latest Wordpress version 2.8.4 . I was many, many revs behind.

This could be the result of the ancient-ass Theme I'm using. Yeah, I said I was going to get Thesis going. Something about intentions and pavement...

This could be the result of my upgrade to Echo for my comments.

This could be a problem with FeedBurner, so I turned off the Feedburner Feed Replacement plugin, version 2.2 by Steve Smith. It will take some time for the cache to clear.

So please accept my apologies if you're trying to subscribe and getting the blank page. Bottom line: I have no idea what is wrong. But I'll keep investigating, knocking things off one at a time.

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