Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm no designer, but...

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... I'm pretty happy with how the site is looking so far. Mad props to those of you on Twitter who helped answer many of my questions today.

Beyond making it look better (and no, I'm not done yet), I fixed some broken things. The Places page is working again, and I'm back to using Feedburner, so the subscriber count for the feed should normalize in a few days.

Thesis is pretty slick, and it has shown me just how little I know about CSS. I get the concept and the syntax, but the grammar is very strange to me. But that's OK. So was HTML when I first hacked apart a website and hacked together mine back in 1994. We've come a long way, baby.

For colors, I'm using the "greenish" theme from kuler. A perfect site for the color-challenged like myself!

If you feel the urge to do this on your own -- go for it! But I highly recommend using the Firebug plugin for Firefox to help isolate what element you're trying to change. Without it, you're wading through code for days on end. That way lies madness!

With luck, I'll be back to updating the site on a regular basis. Got lots of stuff to say, and now have a proud place to say it! I'll slowly work on making it "prouder" as my time and skill-set will allow. In the meantime, play nice!

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