Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Comments now powered by Echo


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I've been preaching the decentralized nature of feedback for some time. After years of trying to force people to comment where I wanted them to, I finally gave up. This was a couple of years ago, and I've spent the remaining time trying out various tools and techniques to keep me apprised of the conversations outside these "walls".

My latest arrow in the quiver: Echo. It's a new commenting tool by From what I've seen, it does a great job of sufring the social interwebs for comments and conversations about a blog post, then bringing those back and adding them to the main comment stream.

The net effect: social media monitoring without a lot of work for me, and none for you. My blog is fairly low traffic, so I'm not expecting to see terribly compelling results. But if you've got a blog that gets people talking off-site, give it a shot. Seems like a good way to spend $12.

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