Friday, September 25, 2009

Bolo 2009 attracts local and national talent

Last month, I told you about an upcoming event called Bolo 2009. As it's an agency-focused event, I didn't spend a lot of time talking about it here. I talk about all kinds of things here, but advertising sure isn't one of them. Yeah, I do it. But it's not why you read me.

bolo-badge-200Then a funny thing happened. As word started to spread around the valley, people not in the advertising biz started asking to come. Obviously, they won't come for the same things an agency-person would. So agencyside, the organizers behind Bolo, (full disclosure: I work for their parent company Sitewire) provided an option that may make part of the event more attractive.

If you want to hear the three keynotes -- Guy Kawasaki, Bryan Eisenberg & Jim Lecinski -- and have three fancy breakfasts, that's now an option for $159. Register and use the discount code "Keynote".

But as you gleaned from the title of this blog post, Bolo 2009 is quickly become the stage for some local ad-world rock stars and Twitterati. They include...

... and me.

If that sounds like a crowd you'd like to learn from and interact with, you have to pay admission price. At $999, that doesn't come cheap. However, I have a discount code that will save you $500. So if you've been on the fence, maybe this pushes you over. Again, this is an advertising agency-focused conference. We will not spend every waking hour talking about Twitter or other forms of social media. Social media will be discussed, but from the POV of an ad agency.

Funny enough, the new discount code for this deal is "EVFN". Heh. #evfn is a lot of things, but an old-school business networking event isn't one of those. None the less, that's the code. And it's for anyone to use.

Hurry up. Bolo 2009 happens October 12 - 14th. That's a few short weeks away. See you then?


  1. And yet they won't give speakers access to the whole event unless the speak multiple times, and they won't give the standard +1 to speakers for a staff member or spouse..... or maybe that's just the local speakers....

  2. As an organizer of BOLO, I am sorry you are disappointed with our treatment of the speakers. I personally told each of the speakers what to expect as part of the experience and was up-front regarding compensation, financial or otherwise. It is my hope the attending agencies will not only learn from our speakers but also find partners with whom they can collaborate on future work. I believe it was in that spirit that each of the speakers accepted to be a part.

    The "+1 standard" is really not much of a standard in the present economics of events, particularly as that has generally been used for a traveling spouse and all of our speakers with the exception of our keynote presenters are local. If you have any specific concerns, I'd be happy to talk further -- please email or call me.

  3. I hope there will be daily floggings for the ad agencies that are dragging their feet getting into social media. What's the charge to see THAT?

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  5. I was really interested in this to hear the agency/b2b side of things more than what I know as a freelancer of these tools but you're right... price is steep! Typical tho. I'll be sitting it out and reviewing the slideshares and blogposts that will follow. See you all at AZEC ;)

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